Spectra Information Technology Solutions (SITS) Private Limited is an organization that has lead its way to a continuous success, offering its clients with best of Outsourcing Service. We are a most reliable and a rapidly growing outsourcing company by preceding to establish global presence quickly at highest level of customer statisfaction. We work on unique Aim, goal and methodology to deliver accurate and quality. Cost cutting dimension of outsourcing is now perfect.

SITS is firmly committed to the Outsourcing Service that play an active role in key industry bodies, helping to drive best practice in critical areas like Engineering Services, Call Center Services, Software Development, Creative Services, Photo Editing, Data Entry Services, Web Designing Services, IT Solutions, Game Development, Manpower, many more...

SITS is rising swiftly in offshore outsourcing industry building long term client relation's. We focus on list of industry leaders, primarily Military, Government, Public Sector's, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Travel, Banking, Finance, Hospitals, Commercial, Education, Industrial, Public Space, Residential, Retail, Warehousing, Transportation, etc.

Our success has centered on our capability to think beyond boundaries. our ability to resolve customers business problems by providing simple and cost effective solutions together with an in-depth delivery approach.

Headquartered in the Global Technical Hub of India, Hyderabad. SITS started serving the market in 2011 focusing purely on services. We are now offering a wide range of specialized business process outsourcing solutions tailored to meet ongoing market demands.

SITS is a Top Notch & Professional Outsourcing Company to rely on for your business.

Aim of Spectra. Spectra. Spectra. Spectra.

Our aim is to be a pioneer in outsourcing industry for global solutions and to create high quality, intuitive, powerful software's, create games and applications that are creative, immersive and addictive. We value diligence, creativity and innovation. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we provide multiple levels of support and availability.

  • To provide innovative, reliable, and high quality services to clients on 24 x 7 basis
  • Helpdesk working around the clock to serve the customers
  • Resolution with in TAT (Turn Around Time)


Vision of Spectra. Spectra. Spectra. Spectra.

SITS is set on the road to move forward with a clear vision, a sound and consistent strategy, financial strength and an unwavering focus on serving the customers with pioneering state-of-the-art solutions, by the fusion of a stable technology.