Illustration services

Depicting and conceptualizing one's ideas effectively, to bring a story to life, can be quite a challenging task. With more than 10 years of experience in illustration services, Spectra Solutions' team of creative illustrators can conceptualize an idea from its inception and convert it into a visually stunning work. Whether you have a simple or advanced illustration requirement, Spectra Solutions is the perfect choice to outsource your work.

To help you gauge our creative skills and ensure that we meet your benchmarks, we can first work on some samples. From there, we can take it forward through discussions, brainstorming, and eventually delivering aesthetically rich illustrations.

Illustration Services by Spectra Solutions

At Spectra Solutions, we believe that be it a product, a story, or text, illustrations must effectively enhance the visual experience. We offer the following illustration services to our diverse clients:

  • Story board drawings for ads and movies - Our illustrators analyze and understand the concept of your ads and movies to create visually attractive storyboard drawings that display the changes of scenes and actions
  • Product support illustrations - We analyze the features of your products and create support illustrations to help you define your products to your customers, and provide them with the necessary information
  • Digital cartoon drawings for animations - Using Adobe Illustrator, we create cartoon drawings that you can use for animations
  • Drawings and illustrations for newspapers, text books, stories, comics, children's books - Whether it is newspapers, textbooks, stories, comics, or children's books, our illustrators can conceptualize the ideas and provide a visual representation based on given texts
  • Technical drawings, diagrams, and graphics - We analyze the components of your product and generate images that can effectively convey information about the product to your customers
  • Hand drawings, caricatures, and paintings - When you present us with an idea or a concept, we analyze your need and create hand drawings, caricatures, and paintings that can depict your ideas effectively
  • Teaching and research support illustrations - We create Infographics which you can use for teaching or research purposes. These illustrations will help you present your information in a format that is clear and easy to understand
  • Photo illustrations and manipulations - If you want to modify a photograph, our illustrators can convert it into your desired image using software such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw among others
  • Visual depictions for e-Learning courses - We can create illustration-based aides and tools for e-Learning platforms to provide an easy reference to support your text
  • Illustration enhancements through colorizing - Using colorization (the process of adding color to black and white, sepia, or monochrome moving-picture images), our illustrators can improve or enhance an existing illustration that you may have
  • CAD image colorizing - We can help you make your CAD (Computer-aided Design) rendered drawings more vibrant and easier to understand with the help of colorization
  • Vector image conversion of illustrations - Our illustrators can help you convert your bitmap images such as JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs to clearer and scalable vector images like EPS, SVG, and PDF

Have a different illustration work in mind? Share it with us. We are always willing to explore and expand our possibilities.

Why Outsource Illustration Services to Spectra Solutions?

By outsourcing Illustration Services to Spectra Solutions, you can receive the following benefits:

  • You get a team of experienced illustrators which understands your requirements and ensures that you receive quality services within your budget
  • Our illustrators excel at using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDraw. We can also use Wacom Tablet
  • Our team has the capability and the expertise to cater to the needs of various industries such as media, advertising, e-Learning, publishing, design, and education among others
  • Our team constantly works on familiarizing with other cultures and thus eliminating our innate cultural influences

Having served the outsourcing industry with over 9000 customers across 45 countries, we can assure you a great outsourcing experience. We ensure client confidentiality and prioritize data security. Outsource Illustration services to Spectra and we shall assist you in realizing your objectives.