Image Enhancement Services

A perfect image needs flawless editing. That's why at Spectra Solutions, we provide both small and large scale photo editing, retouching, and photo restoration services to those that work in photography, design, media, publication, real estate, and any other industry that relies heavily on quality photos and imagery.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with more than 10 years of image editing and enhancement experience. We use only the latest in the image editing technology, with personalized service and access to large scale resources to deliver your images on time and within budget.

Our Image Enhancement Services

We regularly work with photographers, architects, archivists, and more, helping those with images and media edit their work. We have a highly efficient team that never sacrifices on quality, and is able to deliver a variety of services to those in need, including:

  • Image Enhancement - Our experts have access to the latest filter and adjustment software, allowing us to alter colors, improve sharpness, increase or reduce brightness and contrast, and much more, all for any number of images in little time
  • Image Editing - Rarely is a photo perfect. We offer a variety of image editing services, including background improvement, unnecessary object removal, and special effects to improve the overall quality of your images. We have worked on various custom projects involving jewelry photo editing, wedding photo editing, car image editing, ecommerce image editing, etc. to name a few
  • Image Restoration - We are also capable of restoring old, damaged, faded, or dull images, as well as adding color to black and white photographs and scans

Whether you're a wedding photographer in need of a quick turnaround, or a media company that needs to turn thousands of photos and images web and print ready, we can make sure that you're able to reach your goals on time and within budget, with staff that listens closely to your specifications and guarantees quality digital photo enhancement services.

Our Image Enhancement Services for Non-Digital Images

We are able to work with all different types of photographs, including printed and hard media. We use scanned images, negatives, slides, and other photographs and convert them into digital format before working on them, offering a variety of photo enhancement solutions that turn them into high quality digital media.

Advantages of Outsourcing Photo Enhancement Services to Spectra Solutions

It takes an artist's eye and incredible technical expertise to make the most out of a single image. We make sure to employ a team that has both. Each of our staff members has enhanced or edited thousands of photos during training, and is working for clients all over the globe, using the latest licensed image enhancement software, including -

  • Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite
  • Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud
  • Chromatica
  • CorelDRAW
  • KPT (Kai's Power Tools)

Our infrastructure includes advanced Mac PCs, high resolution monitors, and other important tools for delivering on our promises. We also use a Virtual Private Network and a FTP to ensure data security, so that images can be protected during upload and download. Additionally, we are able to handle all major media formats, including GIF, PNG, JPG, and much more.

Throughout the process, we'll keep you informed of the progress, respond to any questions, and make sure that all images adhere to the ISO quality standards.

Contact Us for Image Enhancement and Photo Restoration Services

We have a customer-focused approach that has allowed us to partner with countless photography and media companies and individuals from all over the world. Our team of certified image editing professionals is also spread out all over the world, which allows us to deliver projects in as little as 24 hours - you can send in your photographs at the end of your work day, and by the time you wake up in the morning they will be completed and ready to use!