Real Estate Image Editing Services

At Spectra Solutions, we understand that each photograph that you present to your client is business critical and that you will not compromise on its quality. Our real estate post processing services helps in bringing the perfect balance of lighting, color, and precision to enhance the visual impact of your real estate images.

Our Real Estate Post Processing Services

1. Real Estate Photo Enhancement: Through correction of distracting elements, improving the quality and composition of the images and removing of objects, we can help you enhance your photographs.

2. Real Estate Panoramas: We can create 360 degree panoramic view of your real estate photographs, thereby allowing your customers to have a wider view of the property.

3. Still Image Enhancement: We understand the significance of the still images for your business and work on bringing an attractive and eye catching final look to the pictures.

4. Color Cast Removal: For those photographs that have been taken in the wrong light settings and where the white balance is not achieved as desired, we can help you get rid of all those color overcasts that spoil the quality of your photographs.

5. Sky Change: At Spectra Solutions, our team can work on replacing your background with the most captivating looking skies, which will enhance the impact of your photographs.

6. Perspective Correction: We provide digital correction of perspective disorders and horizontal and vertical perspective alterations of real estate images to get the accurate symmetry in the photographs.

7. Image Blending: Using the HDR technique of blending images with varied exposures we help in creating well-lit and aesthetically appealing real estate photographs.

8. Image Stitching: To create a panorama effect from multiple images, we provide image-stitching services that take care of the minute details of blending and creating a full 360 degree perspective.

9. Floor Plan Conversions: We can convert your basic and unappealing floor plans into 2D or 3D images and help you increase the ROI of your real estate websites.

Why Choose Us for Real Estate Image Editing & Image Post Processing?

More than 5 years' experienced company, Spectra Solutions have successfully provided real estate image editing and image post processing services to numerous real estate agencies, advertisers, and real estate photographers. By partnering with Spectra Solutions, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Drone Image Editing: Arial photo or image taken by drones (radio-controlled aircraft) is the next big innovation in the real estate sales. Spectra Solutions has a keen eye on this latest technology and help clients enhance images captured using these multicopters. Our expert image editors remove unwanted shadows, enhance colors, erase undesirable objects around the property, crop, overgrown lawn, etc. to make your real estate images look better and more appealing than before
  • Advanced Photo Editing Software: We use standard post processing tools and work on state-of-the-art imaging software and technologies that ensure quality outputs. Our image editors excel in using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CC, and CorelDraw. We also use Wacom Tablet
  • Multiple Format Support: You can send us your images in JPEG, TIFF, CAD Drawings, DXG and DWF drawing files, PSD and other formats. We will edit your images and deliver the files in the format desired by you
  • Instant Project Status Update: Throughout the process, we keep in constant contact with you so that you can check the progress of the project
  • Free Trial: With our free trial offer, you can gauge our skills and efficiency wherein we work on sample images
  • Superior Quality Service: We follow a strict quality check procedure at every stage of a project to ensure that you receive files that are of excellent quality
  • Swift Turnaround: At Spectra Solutions, we strive to complete a project within the scheduled delivery time. Our usual turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours. However, this can change based on the size, scope, and complexity of your project
  • Data Security: To ensure data security we use FTP to upload and download images. We also maintain backup of all files for easy data recovery in case of data loss due to technical issues or natural calamities

Outsource Image Post Processing to Spectra Solutions

Leverage our creative expertise at almost 60% of savings on your costs and enjoy an accuracy level of 98% or more. We ensure that our creative efficiency and the quality of our services meet your expectations. Moreover, we can assure you a complete risk free outsourcing experience.